Orchestrator robot is stuck at write cell activity, not moving forward. could anyone help please?

Hi Guys,
My bot was running on Production for last 2 weeks and has processed some 3000 queue items. It got stuck at a write cell activity yesterday for an hour. i believe, this has happened because the excel was stuck, but i am not sure.
Please note that the bot copies,reads,writes & again reads from the same excel in a timespan of a few seconds and i am using a kill excel activity before the write cell. The IT people are looking at the VM to seem if there is an issue with the excel, but i need some closure on why the bot just was stuck at a particular activity - Excel Write cell

This is really URGENT, Please help me out!

May be any pop up has showed up in the excel… Eg like that pop up must be click ok or cancel so that the bot can process in that flow…