Write Cell activity doesn't work when job started from orchestrator



Hi all, I have a problem with Write Cell activity, I am trying to clear the Excel from data which I have taken as Data table. For some reason my Wrtie Cell activity doesn’t work when job is started from Orchestrator. It doesn’t write anything, the problem occurs when we run robot as unattended. When I start the job from UiPath Studio while logged in the server it works fine.

Robot doesn’t even move, or copy the excel files when job is started from orchestrator. It works only when job is started from UiPath studio

Please does anyone know the problem for this? We are using UiPath Studio 2018 v1.3 and our Orchestrator is 2018 v1.2.


Read range activity although works just as it should, only activities which would write something to excel or move the excel or copy it doesn’t work.


Sorry, copying and moving excel works - writing in the excel doesn’t work


Could you share an example of your code please?


Sorry for trouble, I had forgotten that I needed to put exact filepath starting from C:Example\example1\example2\test.xlsx for Excel scope activity so that it would work when started from orchestrator. When using the indicated path it only gives example2\test.xlsx - So I think that robot was writing in the excel, but it didn’t save the excel in correct location and that’s why I saw the wrong excel


Glad you have found your own solution. :slight_smile: