Orchestrator Queues status mail

Hi All,

  1. I got a interview question how can we download all queues after processing with status of queue and send mail in excel file to customer?
  2. How can we process parallel activities simultaneously? and what does GetFriendlyName function do?


Hi @vaneet_kumar,

  1. Go to Automtion->Queue->Click on more action of the queue(three dots on RHS)->It will display list and status. from that you can download it.
  2. Check this Parallel activity example - #10 by sara_s

By manual clicking on orchestrator i can download queue…but how can i download queue from studio… flowchart should be design that It should automatically download from orchestra tor and mail all status and queues item to client.

Check the below link

I gave this answer to them but do not know what they were expecting…to sum up we need to convert get queue to data table and get output…just checking if it also give queue status as well.

Queue item has a status property. queueitemvariable.Status property