Orchestrator Queue prioritization


I’m taking UiARD practice exam and I can’t make this question right.
Can anyone help me what is the correct answer.

This is my answer but it’s wrong.

from docu:

Processing Order

Within any given queue the transactions are processed in a hierarchical manner, according to this order:

  1. Items that have a Deadline, as follows:
    a. in order of Priority; and
    b. according to the set Deadline for items with the same Priority.
  2. Items with no Deadline, in order of Priority, and
    a. according to the rule First In, First Out for items with the same Priority.

When setting a Deadline or a Postpone date, we recommend populating the respective fields with relative dates. For example, DateTime.Now.AddHours(2), DateTime.Now.AddDays(10) and DateTime.Now.Add(New System.TimeSpan(5, 0, 0, 0)). Additionally, you can use the US notation to add an exact time, such as 10/10/2019 07:40:00. Automatic correction of this date is available, for example, if you write 12 10 2019 9:0, it is automatically transformed to 12/10/2019 09:00:00.

The dates added in Studio for the Deadline and Postpone fields are displayed in Orchestrator, in the Transactions page, under the Deadline and Postpone columns.