Orchestrator Queue Page field Remaining & In Progress Fields

I am retesting Add Queue Items and I noticed that the Orchestrator Queue Page’s fields are not reflecting the status of my Queue Item. According to the UI Path documentation those fields are suppose to represent the number of Queue Items that have a Status of “In Progress” or “New”.

When I first ran using the Add Queue Item, the status was “New” and the field on the Queue page for “MyFirstQueue” did not refresh showing the number as “1”.

Then I ran the robot again using the Get Transaction which changed the status to
“In Progress”.

But when I went back to the Queue Page and refreshed, the “In Progress” field did not show as “1”?

Any idea what I did that prevented those fields from being updated?


Yeah, I saw that recently that the queue is updating a bit slow. Can you try refreshing the queues continuously for one minute after adding it and then while retrieving also, try the same. let me know if the transaction items are increased and the status is changed after refreshing

I have tried refreshing from both the Transaction page and the Queue Page and nothing is being changed. And I do have a screen shot in my notes that shows these fields being updated when I first was introduced to Queues about 4 months ago. I will keep trying the refresh though and I think I am going to delete my Queues and recreate them to see if that has any affect.


Hareesh, I created a new Queue, “MyNewQueue” ( I know not original LOL ), anyway the “In Progress” and “Remaining” fields on the Queue Page did not change, however, take a look at the screen shot of The Monitoring Section for Queue, in there the numbers reflect that I have “1 Remaining” and “1 In Progress”.

Does this mean that the fields on the Queue Page are no longer being updated? One reason I am asking is that I am planning to take my certification exam next week and I want to know if asked, what is being updated.