Orchestrator Queue not updated



Hi, The queue shows remaining items as 0, but when i click transactions, it lists items that are “New”. This is the case, Even if i delete the queue and recreate it.


Hi @priyatham

The Remaining column gets refreshed after ~30s(in 2017.1). In your case, does it always display 0?


It’s a little old, but the QueueName is not the mapping field for the remaining column, f.e. you can create a queue “MyQueue”, add a bunch of items to it, delete the queue (items remain) and recreate it and it will be 0.
I think this is what @priyatham is experiencing.

IMHO it works as expected, although it would be nice to have an option to “Delete and purge items” for getting rid of temporary queues used for testing purposes without going to OrchestratorDB.


Seems to be solved in 2017.1. Tested on https://platform.uipath.com and the remaining column still gets populated with the right data :slight_smile:


I have the same issue using Orchestrator 2018.2.
The queue counters are always 0. But if I go into the queue, the queue items are there.
Delete and create queue does not seem to help.


We are starting to experiencing the the same today in Orchestrator 2018.2.2.
Does anyone have a solutions for this?


We solved this issue by restarting the orchestrator