Orchestrator Platform "Internal Server Error" after UiPath Cloud Platform release

Hey all, hoping I could get some help with the following:

Since the cloud platform release, I’ve been unable to access the online orchestrator CE platform. When I try to access from the Cloud “Services” page, I get the following error:


Additionally, when I try to use the normal log in through the old orchestrator web page, I get the following comment:

Only thing I can think of is that when I was setting up my Cloud account I created it through “Google Login” as opposed to creating an account with an email, which is how I originally set up the orchestrator account (even though the email address would be the same for both). Not sure if this would cause, or if the orchestrator CE service is down…

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

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Check below thread and follow to resolve 500 issue.

Error 500 when navigating to Orchestrator instance from your Cloud Account

Thanks for the quick response!


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