Orchestrator on AWS with Multi-tenants

Hi all. Have anyone of you set up Orchestrator on AWS? what kind of architecture is needed for a reliable service? Also, If we want to have multiple tenants, do we need to buy a different orchestrator licences? Please, advice!

Hi @SammirOspina

I hope this comment of my colleague is helpful :slight_smile:

Yeah, also, slack :slight_smile:
Just a quick mention in case somebody comes and sees this.
Since the mentioned post (April was a while back) Orchestrator has been relying more and more on Redis when using more than one Orchestrator node, so for that you can use AWS’ Elasticache.
Also, there is an Elasticsearch as a Service option accessible from AWS, which is nice if you do not feel like setting it up yourself.
But yes, besides these, Orchestrator nodes need to run on Windows Server, which in AWS are going to basically be IaaS (behind the load balancer, I mean, sorry, the Elastic Load Balancer)

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