How to install Orchestrator on AWS


Is there any documentation of how to install Studio and Orchestrator on AWS. Can we use SQL if using AWS or should we have RDS SQL?


i would say that you should use RDS service , since you are already using AWS platform

Setting up UiPath on AWS is really no different than an on-prem installation, you just have more choices on how and should gain familiarity of AWS services to make it easier.

You still need to worry about network routing and firewalls, you still need to manage the database whether that be an EC2 instance with SQL Server installed or if you leverage RDS (this depends on how much if any you want to tweak/control the base OS or optimize the database) and so on.

I think the biggest difference depending on your organization is who is responsible for what aspects. For example in my org, if we deployed UiPath on-prem most of the infrastructure design (servers, network, firewalls) would have been managed by our Datacentre/Infrastructure group. With deploying to AWS currently I am responsible for the whole stack that makes up UiPath (asides from the VPN between our corporate network and AWS, VPCs, Domain connectors, etc. which our Cloud/Infrastructure team manages).

You really can make it as simple or as complicated (automated?) as you want to be, on the simple end, you could just log into AWS webconsole and fire up a few EC2 instances and install Orchestrator/Robot/SQL Server/Elastic Search/Redis as you would with on-prem VMs … or you could go to the other end of the scale and build a fully automated pipeline to do the heavy lifting so you could spin up and tear down your stack on a whim.

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