Orchestrator Manager OnPremises Error automatic selecting version on AuthenticationPanelTemplate.html


I use OrchestratorManager 2.2.5 on OnPremises Orchestrator and when i modify the “OnPremisesOrchestratorVersion” version to 202110 in config.xlsx the AuthenticationPanel does not select the version on the selectitem.

I found in AuthenticationPanelTemplate.html that Form202104Selected is define twice (see bellow)

<label title="_FormOrchestratorVersionTooltip_" for="orchestratorVersion"><span>_FormOrchestratorVersionLabel_</span><select id="orchestratorVersion" class="select-field" onchange="orchestratorTypeCheck()">
	<option id="v201804" value="201804" _Form201804Selected_>2018.4</option>	
	<option id="v201904" value="201904" _Form201904Selected_>2019.4</option>
	<option id="v201910" value="201910" _Form201910Selected_>2019.10</option>
	<option id="v202004" value="202004" _Form202004Selected_>2020.4</option>
	<option id="v202010" value="202010" _Form202010Selected_>2020.10</option>
	<option id="v202104" value="202104" _Form202104Selected_>2021.4</option>
	<option id="v202104" value="202110" _Form202104Selected_>2021.10</option>

When i replace the second Form202104Selected by Form202110Selected it works.

Hi Florent,

Thanks for sharing this.
This fix has already been implemented and will be shipped with the new version of OM.
Please don’t hesitate to share with us any other issues you might find!
Thank you!

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