Orchestrator machine problems

Hello everybody

Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
when I go to add the machine, this error always appears

I cannot proceed due to these errors.


Hi @Guilherme_Silva,

I see you are running the newest beta version (21.8) and I am assuming you are using the Community License. Could you try to shift to Stable release in your Studio and try?

Studio on Community license offers both Stable (21.4.4) and Latest Preview versions. You can try the stable version and check if that resolves it. I suggest you do this after you uninstall the current installation and download the stable version from cloud.uipath.com

OK I will try,

If I understand correctly, should I uninstall uipath from my machine? and install again with this stable option ?


tentei colocar essa opção estavel normalmente mais nao aconteceu nada


I tried to put this option stable normally but nothing happened

Yes, even if you choose Stable version you already had 21.8.0-beta and it will not go back to 21.4.4.
So you can try uninstalling UiPath from machine and reinstall the Stable version.

unfortunately it didn’t work


maybe it has to do with this other error here


I’m researching a lot about this,

but i didn’t find a clear solution

It’s not the exact error, but seems to be an known issue until 20.10 is released the text “Connected, Unlicensed” it should provide a more detailed error to lead you in the right direction.

Known issue: As we are slowly introducing a new method of auto-updating the robots, you will see in Orchestrator under User Sessions your version as being non-compliant. This does not affect functionality in any way and the message will disappear after we release the 21.10 version and you’ll get updated.

As for the license error to help you diagnose the issue you can open your Orchestrator Settings of the Studio/Robot, hover over the text “Connected, Unlicensed” and it will reveal a more detailed error message without having to attempt an action with Studio or running a job with Assistant.


The first thing you’ll want to check is if you have allocated any licenses to your Orchestrator by going to your Cloud Portal > Admin > Tenants > Edit License Allocation and make sure the appropriate license and number of licenses have been issued. See the following document for more details.

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