Version error creating machine in can I fix it?

Looping in @loginerror @Pablito for their inputs.


Hi @Gabriel_Castro

Could you please confirm that you are using the Orchestrator with the Community Stable EXE installer 21.4.4?

If so, this message is purely due to the latest Community version being higher than your current version. This message does not block any functionality though, so no worries.

Also, it should probably be adapted based on the Studio channel that you are using (Stable vs Preview) and our product team will look into improving it.

Good morning,
Thank you for your attention and for replying to my post. Is this the version you use of uipath studio? Should I update it? can i use the orchestrator normally even with the version message?

You don’t have to update it, but feel free to do so if you find some of the new features appealing :slight_smile:

Yes, you should be able to normally use all features, the warning is purely informative.