Orchestrator Logs


Is there any option to get the consolidated logs for all Jobs and Robots in orchestrator?


You can pull them out of the sql database that Orchestrator uses.

If you’re looking for analytics, then it might be better to use dashboards. So, you can get the log information in the form of graphs and pie charts.

Hi @DanielMitchell

How to pull them of sql database?..

Orchestrator.dbo.Logs (where Orchestrator is your Orchestrator SQL database) will have all of the execution logs for any bot that ran through Orchestrator. You can select what you want from there with a SQL query and then write/manipulate/do whatever with the data depending on your needs.

Hi @DanielMitchell,

So, By default all execution logs can be stored in orchestrator server right?..

I believe the default is to store them in a sql database. That database may or may not be on the orchestrator server depending on how it was set up.

Execution Logs are stored locally for each user and machine when a Robot runs. The local location is %LocalAppData%\UiPath\ (or C:\Users<username>\AppData\UiPath)

And, they are sent to the SQL Server where your database that is connected to the Orchestrator application. The SQL Server information will be in the settings where the Orchestrator is installed. In most cases, the SQL Server will be a different machine.

So, yeah, you would need to connect to that SQL Server and database to get all Logs being sent to Orchestrator, as Daniel mentioned.


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@ClaytonM as we know that this logs are temp, if we want to store this logs somewhere in-house database for reports , where we can find it? How we can store this ?