Orchestrator doesn't have logs anymore since 29-5

Hey Guys,
Does anyone else have the problem that the logs suddenly dissapear?

This is the last log we can see:

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And here I found that the log file didnt update anymore since that exact moment

Haven’t seen this myself. Are you using Orchestrator Cloud or a private Enterprise instance?
Has the logging level on the Robot been turned off or any local configuration files been altered that would change the NLog configuration?

Logs should only be stored in the execution_log_data database if Orchestrator is unavailable during the time the logs are generated until disk is full. Once Orchestrator is available again, the logs are pushed to Orchestrator. There is a note in the documenation indicating the execution_log_data db file is not cleaned up automatically.

Thanks for your reply! Sorry for the very specific question, I thought maybe there was a general sollution.
Ive picked it up with our IT departmenent. The robot server couldnt make a full connection with our orchestrator server because of our firewall that was blocking it. We solved this now


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