One Orchestrator - Two Companies

Let’s say that “company A” buys and host an on-prem version of Orchestration and on this Orchestrator:

  • “company A” schedules and run their unattended bot using their own bot license.

  • “company B” schedules and run their unattended bot using their own bot license.

“company B” then pays half the cost of running Orchestration to “company A”.

Is their any restrictions(legal) against above setup, where two different companies sharing the usage and cost of one Orchestration? Or even sharing on one unattended bot license(someone manually moving license between)?


@bcorrea Do you know someone who might be able to answer this question? :slight_smile:

I think there would be no problems in this setup, as i know companies who hosts orchestrator and robots to sell as service, as long as it is all properly licensed i think it is ok.


hi @Obsev
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For the system side there is no any issue your requirement is possible to do easily

ToU says like this

c 9.2. Third Party Access . You may only allow your users to use the Services and solely for your direct beneficial business purpose, causing them to comply with the ToU and being liable for their actions. Upon request, you will provide UiPath with details and use reports of all your users.

but dont know how parasitical appearance fro the relevant

If we get your Company A/B as its in the same cooperation / Alice companies or subsidiaries so there is no issue on legal that im sure
any way you can check with the entire story contacting UIPATH SUPPORT

i also hope its might be no issue
but if those are 2 different companies , you have to think about the security aspects of using single orchestrator so how about to use (if you wanna take it as robot services only ? / do you need to access any orchestrator databases )
and the availability of the hosted orchstrator
load balancing


Thanks for the reply! I read that part in Terms of Use as well but it isn’t always black and white in there… I will contact sales/support.