Orchestrator licenses

Hi all,

I have about ten processes already in place on the classic folders, I’m going to develop another one and I would like to put it on modern folders.

Can you confirm that having only one production license, I can’t split it between classic and modern?

So the alternatives would be:

  • migrate the processes from classic to modern
  • create the new process on classic folder

Since the classic folders are deprecated, from when they will be no longer usable?

Thanks in advance

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Classic Folders will be deprecated from Oct 2022.

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Hey @maxena2872

Yes, the recommended approach will be to go with modern folders please.

Else you will be adding one more process to the migration list.


even if they will be deprecated do you confirm that we could continue to use them beyond October, as described in the guide?

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Hey @maxena2872

You can see the last line as well right.

Deprecation results in removal from future versions.



We can’t use. It will be removed from the future version and no longer will be available to use it.

Hi @maxena2872,

I believe you are using the On-Premise version of Orchestrator. The scheduled deprecation date for both Standard Machine & Classic Folder is October 2022. However, its interesting to note that Deprecation does not mean removal. It may so that these features will be removed from 2022.10 which will be released in October 2022 (but it’s highly unlikely).

Also, even if they happen to remove the features in question from 2022.10. Since you are on-premise let’s say you are on version 2020.10 or 2021.10, useless you do an upgrade to 2022.10 everything will work as expected.

Overall, there is no need to rush with the Modern Folder Migration. That said, I recommend you move all the existing processes to modern folder first and once everything is migrated to Modern Folder start working on the new process.

Hope this helps !


Hello @maxena2872 ,

Currently you can use the classic folder, but as uipath suggested new process should be done in the Modern Folder as classic version is going to depreciate. Otherwise you will have to put more efforts for migrating everything to Modern from classic folders.

So better as you mentioned Migrate the ongoing process to Modern folder and create the new process to Modern folder directly.