Orchestrator license ended, can't open the studio anymore

Hello, my license for the orchestrator has ended, its will be renew soon but untill then I wanted to work on the documentation, without running anything, but I can’t open the studio anymore as its ask for the license. Is there a legit work around for this? So I can still see my code, without actually running or editing anything.


I hope it is not possible when you think as how do a application open the interface when the licence expired @MaxyArthes? It won’t allow to do so :slight_smile: . Can you please let me know if you are using community edition or enterprise?

Hello @MaxyArthes

You can get to this link below, and get your license renewed for Studio


Provide the details there and submit it. Next, close the studio and open it again…

it should work for you until the Orchestrator license is renewed :slight_smile:

The studio is: Community Edition 2019.4.3

Device ID*
Device ID can be found in Studio - Help section

I can’t get into the help section as the studio close if I don’t enter a license, is there any others ways of getting that ID?

You can renew the license in the orchestrator as well if you connected the machine with orchestrator @MaxyArthes

I can’t renew the license myself, as that not MY orchestrator, I do only the code, so I can’t deal with that part. =/

Can you ask the person who owns the orchestrator to get it renewed? or he can give access to you from the cloud platform so that you yourself can try it out?

the person is working on it already, he is in contact with a UiPath seller and its should be done in the next hours, but I needed access to the code so I can still continue my job while waiting for it

managed to get my ID Device, did the form in the site but even after, it’s still ask for a license when I open the studio and received no email (if there any? for the confirmation). gonna wait and see if its work in fews min.