Orchestrator is not connecting

Hello Guys,

I could not able to login into my Orchestrator account with Tenant name. This URL ‘UiPath Orchestrator’ is not connecting. any update from UiPath on Orchestrator. Please help me on this.


no worries buddy @arunshiva
there were some update in orchestrator from last night
So just use any of the login methods like gmail and use the credential you have for your gmail account…
then once getting the orchestrator cloud platform go to services tab and click your tenant name and you will directed to your orchestrator in your tenant…
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @arunshiva

@arunshiva go to Platform.uipath.com and there you will be able to see the login methods.

If you have Google or Microsoft emails, choose continue with Google or Microsoft. Otherwise you can select forget password, reset it and continue with basic authentication

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were you able to connect now buddy @arunshiva

Thanks @andraciorici let me try that and update you

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@andraciorici and @Palaniyappan

Hi Guys,

Now i can able to access it currently under the services we can find our Orchestrator service…


Thats great buddy
Cheers @arunshiva

@Palaniyappan , @andraciorici

Hi guys,

Morning i could able to see the robot configuration screen but now am getting this error when i click my service.

Any solution?please.




Yes it’s known issue and UIpath team working on this. I request you to wait some time and then check it.

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Buddy @arunshiva
as @lakshman said the maintenance process is still in progress, kindly wait for some time…
these errors will soon get resolved
Cheers @arunshiva

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