Orchestrator Azure Installation

Hello, i am trying to install the Orschestrator on an Azure App Service. I am reading the documentation and i see there are son files that i need, like UiPathOrchestrator.zip and the script Publish-Orchestrator.ps1, but i can’t find them anywhere.



Did you find above files ? I’m also in similar situation.

@Rookie do you have any idea?

Hi, i’m still looking for this files :confused:.

I have since found that all these files are available from the following link patterns. The question remains - which version of UiPath / Orchestrator are these installers then aligned to? But this will be a start…

‘<please don’t post direct links to these files>’

Hi @DiegoTP @Sayan_Ghosh

The links to the installer and all the files are automatically sent to you as the standard package upon purchase of the Enterprise edition.
If you didn’t receive those, you can always contact our Licensing Support and they will be able to provide you all the links :slight_smile:

We do not allow posting direct links to those files on public forum due to legal reasons.