Orchestrator Installation as Azure App Service



I have deployed the Orchestrator as an Azure App Service following the ‘One Node’ installation in https://orchestrator.uipath.com/docs/the-azure-app-service-installation-script.

However, it looks like I cannot access the website and I’m always getting runtime error.
Azure Diagnostics says: Your app is healthy, Platform is healthy

Anybody here who had deployed Orchestrator successfully as an Azure App Service?

Do you have any additional steps apart than those steps 1-8 in https://orchestrator.uipath.com/docs/the-azure-app-service-installation-script?

Have you uploaded any SSL Certificates to Azure?

Looking forward for your response. TIA


Please disregard, I got this fixed. Thanks


Can you please explain what next steps you did? Im facing the same problem.


in my case, it was because I cannot connect to SQL DB, I just updated the connection string on my web.config file.


Note that the ID that is used to create the DB during an installation or an upgrade will need to have access to the master database.