"Orchestrator HTTP request" activity auth issue


I’ve been successfully using ordinary HTTP request activity to trigger Orchestrator APIs (on-prem if that matters) and recently I discovered that there is a dedicated Orchestrator HTTP request activity, which should be easier to use (I guess?).

I thought it will use the robot’s connection to Orchestrator to trigger APIs (which was a wild guess) but turns out I still need to authorize first. However, in the Orchestrator HTTP request there is no way to set the “Authorization” header in a consecutive API call.

So my question is, how do you use it?

Hi @cubx,

i think i got the same issue as you. We fixed it by assigning the robot role. That was the solution description of UiPath Support:

  1. We had a look into the issue and could see that even after giving the JSON Payload in the correct format we were still getting an error.
  2. The error was “You are not authorized”.
  3. This error comes when we do not have enough permissions to execute the API.
  4. We checked the user’s role and could see that it had an Administrator Role already defined.
  5. But to use the " Orchestrator HTTP Request " activity the user needs to have Robot roles assigned and with respective permission concerning the API.
  6. We assigned Robot Role and gave the required permission which was Create, View on Jobs, Process, and Packages.
  7. After making the above changes the issue was resolved. We were successfully able to make an API call using Orchestrator HTTP Request activity.
  8. It was working fine from Postman and Swagger as were authenticating their first and then starting the Job. Whereas in Orchestrator HTTP Request activity there is no need to authenticate.

Hope that helps you!


Hello Patrick,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Indeed I just had to add some permissions to the “Robot” role.

Works like a charm now. :vulcan_salute:

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