Regarding Modern and Classic folder on Orchestrator

Hi Experts,

I have some realtime scenario on Modern and Classic folder. My organisation deciding to migrate manually from Classic to Modern, we are creating the folders then shifting/linking all the assets/queue/process/triggere to related folder from Default. In short not using the migration wizard, and doing this conversion manually.

  1. How can we switch / toggle between running under Classical Folder vs Modern Folder?
  2. How do we create robots for Modern Folder? (in this scenarion- above)
  3. What are the steps we need to do after we finished doing Process/Asset/Queue/Trigger? (in the modern folder after manual migration without wizard)
  4. Summary on how to switch over to Modern?(Without using wizard)
  5. Summary on how to switch back to Classic?

Please share your views on these above points, your help would be much appreciated.