Orchestrator Contingency Scheme

I need to specify a disaster recovery architecture for my RPA solution

I wanna use an architecture like this

which is exposed in this document UiPath Orchestrator Architecture

They make ask the next questions

  • In produccction I need two orchestrator license in order to use them with the load balancer?
  • For the backup orchestrator I need another license or can reuse the production licenses while producction is down?
  • all queue transactions are stored in the database, so if the database is replicated to the backup database any data will be lost?
  • can I use the orchestrator community edition as a backup environment (just for the important more robots because the licenses are limited on a orchestrator CE)?
  • if I use an orchestrator on cloud can I use the high availability of some cloud like azure as contingention scheme, because it is 99,5% always on

To answer this there many things you need to take consideration.

  • One license for one Orchestrator as its server license

  • It depends how you replicate database no data will be lost if replication has no issues.

  • You can use community orchestrator only if Enterprise means any organization together with its affiliates (as defined by applicable law) who collectively have either (a) more 250 machines (physical or virtual) or users, or (b) more than 5 million US dollars (or the equivalent in other currencies) in annual revenues and also two robots can be deployed per orchestra tor instance so practically that’s your call.

  • Orchestrator is an application running on server using iis , so on cloud it will work , till you have configured properly.

For More information you can message me I’m Uipath Architect and I have good customer relations.

If I’m not mistaken, you only require 1 orchestrator license as long as all the orchestrator(2 at Primary DC and 1 at DR Datacenter) is connected to same database.

database you need your microsoft license while for orchestrator is application license on windows server . Hope you got what i meant.