Orchestrator connection error : invalid machine key and empty orchestrator api versions

Hello everyone ,

when i am trying to connect ui robot to orchestrator I am getting errors like below

case1 : If i use orchestrator url like this way [[UiPath]

i am getting error : Empty orchestrator api versions

case 2 : If i use url “https://cloud.uipath.com/

I am getting Invalid machine key error l

fyi : i tried restarting my laptop and also checked my machine name (through cmd prompt by using hostname command ) machine name is correct but getting the above errors

looking forward for a solution.

thanks in advance .

It will work, check again whether you are entering right Account name and ServiceName

Remove portal_/serviceinstances and add Servicename

we can get the orchestrator url once after clicking tenant link in SERVICES tab in https://platform.uipath.com, which will take us to new tab and that url is what we need to mention here in robot tray
Cheers @Uppalapati

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