Orchestrator cloud license

Hi, when I buy and orchestrator robot license in the cloud and the expire date is getting close, I’ve had to renew robot license only?

I’m use to OnPremise license and there you need to pay also the orchestrator license. How this works on cloud?



UiPath cloud license is provided as a set of usage rights for automation cloud and studio/robot etc. So we need to renew it at same time as a result.

See the following document in details. e.g. UiPath - Cloud Automation Developer - Named User, UiPath - Cloud Orchestrated Attended - Named User


Hope this help you.



I’ve decide to ask this to UiPath Sales Department. UiPath Orchestrator Cloud, also known as cloud.uipath.com is already a service from UiPath. That means you don’t have to renew the Orchestrator service. You just need to renew the licences you have connected to that orchestrator cloud.

Thank you for your time

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