Orchestrator, can I see who manually started a job?

I our enviroment there are more than 20 users with access to Orchestrator and with some different right they are enabled to administer their jobs.

I as an overall administrator find a problem in that I can not see who manually started a job.

Is there some way to see who started a specific job? If not this information would be great to have in a future release.

Hi @AndersEtander,

This is just a suggestion, hope it helps.

You can see the machine name, username and how the job has ran in the log files in the jobs tab in orchestrator.

Details tab gives you the machine name

and view logs gives you the user.


Hi @AndersEtander

This this something you will be able to get from the Audit page (accessible from the top-right menu)emphasized text


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Thank’s, I knew there had to be a way! :slight_smile:

Source - Manual means that the job was started manually from Orchestrator
Source - Agent: Indicates if a job was started manually from the Jobs page, through a schedule or from an Attended Robot. If the job was started by a schedule, then its name is displayed in this column. If the job was started by an Attended Robot, Agent is displayed in this column.

These can be seen in the jobs page. Details in the guide:

Valuable information indeed but I think the op was looking for which (Orchestrator) user started a job (in my example, admin).
The way you would see it is only via Audit data, where you can notably since as well the source.



looks like we can not find exact details who started the job.