Get (or alert) User who started Job in Orchestrator

Hi there,

I don’t know if this has come up before, but I was thinking it would be useful to know who started the job in Orchestrator. Audit only displays things users create or delete looks like.

I would also like to retrieve this information as the Job is running. The cool reason for this would be so I can let that user know when the job is complete or do other actions based on who ran the job.

Or to go even further to get all the users in a Unit.

Maybe instead there could be a setting in Orchestrator that when turned on for a Job, it alerts the User of a fault or success.

So just thought I’d share this idea I had.



The company i work for just asked us about this feature. Would be VERY useful. Agree

Just a small update. Audit now shows who started a Job. But, isn’t necessarily helpful if an Adhoc user triggers the job through API using a Robot profile rather their own - which companies would likely be restrictive on.

I bet you can get who started the job also through API, although I have never done this.


Hey, thx a lot for the update : )

Hi @ClaytonM

Do you think we can mark it as Completed then? :slight_smile:

sure :slight_smile: