Orchestrator App - Authorization Token Expired

Hi guys

I’m trying to login using the Orchestrator App, but unfortunately an “Authorization Token Expired” message is returning. We have already opened a call on UiPath support, but have not yet been able to find a solution. Has anyone ever experienced this? Do you know what I can do to resolve and be able to log into my corporate account via the mobile app?

I am using the “On-Premises Server” option. The next step, requests the URL from the orchestrator and is validated normally. In the next step, ask for the tenant, the username and the password. After clicking “Login”, the image below appears.

Android version: 10.
Orchestrator App: On-Premises Server

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Hi @_userdoleandro
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Basically ,
By default, the bearer token expires after 30 minutes. so you may be idle or somewhat
that the issue of your error


Thanks to reply.

But, how can I do to update this? We were never able to do even the first access.