On Premise Orchestrator


Is there a provision in On premise Orchestrator, so that bearer token never expires?
I have worked with Community cloud orchestrator, that bearer token expires every 24 hourse. Can we create a bearer token which never expires?

Raghav Bidani

hi @loginerror , @Pablito any idea about this?

Hi @raghavbidani,
I’m not 100% sure about this. Let me call here @Ovidiu_Constantin :wink:

Hi @Pablito do you know anyone else who can answer this?
@Ovidiu_Constantin hasn’t responded yet.
@sharathraju489 do you have any idea?

@badita do u have any idea on this?

Hi @raghavbidani

The on-premise Orchestrator works a bit differently. It still uses the old user credential authentication to generate your bearer token, and I don’t believe it expires (or at the very least, the expiration can be configured in the Orchestrator configuration file).