Orchestrator API (Swagger interface) where's the in-depth documentation? Builder UI?

I get that I can browse to a page on our Orchestrator server to see the methods etc. but there are so many parameters you can pass in the JSON, I have no idea what they all mean and where to find their values. Which ones are optional, etc?

There desperately needs to be a “builder” that allows you to create the API calls. For example, it would be great to have buttons on the records in Orchestrator (Jobs, Queue items, etc) that would generate the JSON/code to replicate that record. So if I wanted to create a call to start a Job, I could just go to a previous run of that Job in the list, click a button, and a window pops up with everything I need to start a Job with all the same parameters via API.

Hi @postwick

Fair point, I registered your bit of feedback in our ideas database :slight_smile:

As to the solution on hand, feel free to browse the models of each call via Swagger:

That’s the point, the models don’t tell me how to USE the models, nor where to get the bits of information that has to be inserted into the models. Is there anywhere to see example code, say in Javascript or something basic, that shows commonly desired calls like starting a job, querying job status, etc?

There is a bunch of examples here :slight_smile:

I get that it is a bit unhandy to use it though, it will hopefully be fine tuned in the future to enhance user experience.
I had to spend way too much time on it myself so I know your pain :smiley:

Ahhh, thank you, that’s what I couldn’t find. Hopefully that’ll help me figure it out. I’m sure it’s something where after I get one to work then it’s easy :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile: See also my post here, it’s an example of a Start Job call:

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