Orchestrator API Post Start Job via .JobsDto

I know how to start a job in the Orchestrator via Api. For testing purposes I just copied the json from this website: UiPath Connector Guide

Now I would like to build the request in studio itself like it is done for schedules over here: Orchestrator API Post Schedule via .ProcessScheduleDto in Studio. How to DEV in Studio?

I have built a service with all the api functions from the Orchestrator library_orchestrator_api

But I run into errors when I try

parameters = new UiPathOrchestratorApi.JobsStartJobsParameters (defined as UiPathOrchestratorApi.JobsStartJobsParameters)
parameters.StartInfo.NoOfRobots = 0

Anybody tips on this?

I found the answer myself:
parameters = new UiPathOrchestratorApi.JobsStartJobsParameters
parameters.startinfo = new UiPathOrchestratorApi.StartProcessDto
parameters.StartInfo.ReleaseKey = release_key

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I am sending you information on how it works for me:

startJobParameters = New UiPathOrchestratorApi.StartJobParameters
startJobParameters.StartInfo = New UiPathOrchestratorApi.StartProcessDto

startJobParameters.StartInfo.RobotIds = RobotID As Int64[]
startJobParameters.StartInfo.ReleaseKey = ReleaseKey As String
startJobParameters.StartInfo.Strategy = Strategy As Nullable<UiPathWebAPI.StartProcessDtoStrategy> eg.: UiPathWebAPI.StartProcessDtoStrategy.Specific
startJobParameters.StartInfo.NoOfRobots = NoOfRobots As Nullable<Int32>
startJobParameters.StartInfo.JobsCount = JobsCount As Nullable<Int32>
startJobParameters.StartInfo.Source = Source As Nullable<UiPathOrchestratorApi.StartProcessDtoSource> eg.: UiPathOrchestratorApi.StartProcessDtoSource.Manual
startJobParameters.StartInfo.InputArguments = InputArguments As String
Flow screenshots:

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Thanks again for your detailed answer!

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