How to get the all job of a particular folder in orchestrator


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Friends I’m facing an issue.

How to get the particular folder jobs of the orchestrator in UiPath using API.
Actually, I’m working on a project to download the logs from the orchestrator but I am stuck on a point where I get the particular folder name from the User and then get the log of the processed jobs on a particular day. So please help me how to solve this by using API.

I will be very grateful if you help me with the same.
Thank You

Hi @rahul.kumar

To retrieve all jobs in a specific folder in UiPath Orchestrator using the API, you can use the /odata/Jobs endpoint and make a GET request to this endpoint with the appropriate filters.

Hi @rahul.kumar,

Please refer below URL
UiPath Orchestrator API Guide 2016.2
If you are using latest version please refer below link
Consuming Cloud API (


Hello @rahul.kumar

Please check the similar post below.


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