Orchestrator API how to Get QueueItem Counter by Queue ID via GetQueueItemsRequest in UiPath Studio?

how can I get in the UiPath STUDIO from the GET: QueueItemRequest activity value from "@odata.count":?

At SWAGGER, I’m testing the query and I’m entering parameters:

$filter: Status eq 'New' and QueueDefinitionId eq 556
$count: true

Screen from SWAGGER:

In SWAGGER this information is visible here (yellow mark):

in STUDIO I activated this option in Request for GetQueueItems activity:

Count: True
Filter: "Status eq '" + in_StatusName + "'"

I prepared the int32 variable:

queueItemCount = cint(getQueueItemResponse.Value.Count.ToString)

but the result returned to me is different than in the SWAGGER preview:


194 =/= 44863

What logic should I apply?

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I found my mistake, I didn’t narrow down the Queue ID parameters in the STUDIO Request as in SWAGGER.

I should enter the commandin UiPath Studio like in SWAGGER:

"Status eq '" + in_StatusName + "' and QueueDefinitionId eq" + queueDefId + ""

queueDefId = string type variable
in_StatusName = string type argument

The result is now correct:


Then this logic is correct:
queueItemCount = cint(getQueueItemResponse.Value.Count.ToString)

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