Orchestrator API get HTTP 400 ERROR

When i am trying to Add QueueItem through the Orchestrator API at my website, i got the 400 error for the works such as Add QueueItem, Get QueueItem, get RobotsID, get ReleaseKey, StartJobs.

But the Authenticate and GetQueueDefinition still work fine.

In fact, all these API functions works fine before yesterday…
It just suddenly get HTTP 400 error and we did not update any codes…

Can someone help? thank you~

Hello, did you fixed your problem, to be honest, I got the same problem…

Just wondering did anyone get an answer on this one? I’m getting this error on StartJob.


Any replies? I’m getting the same while using the APis?

There are a couple of threads on the forum, and people are getting it to work.

  1. Are you using On Prem or Cloud Orchestrator?
  2. Can you show the URL, headers, and body of your request? (Screen shots from Postman would be great).

– Michael