Using AddQueueItem API message to add queue items getting Response Code 400

I’m working with another member of our company to use the Rhapsody Intergration Services tool to send a request to our Orchestrator (version 2019.10.14) to add items into a transaction queue. We’ve managed to get beyond the Response Code 400 but we’ve hit a brick wall.

We’re using a service account on Rhapsody and we’ve given that service account a user account on Orchestrator with a Queue.View and Transaction.Create role. We’ve added a request header of X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId and have used a value of “3” and 3 (one with quotes, one with out). The message is simply

{“itemData”: {“Name”: “QueueName”, “Priority”: “High”, “SpecificContent”:{“test”:“test”}}}

Any help would be appreciated in getting this sorted out including how to find logs of what is being sent in the message so we can confirm proper formatting.

Bumping this up. Generally speaking, need help with the Rhapsody integration. Using PostMan and pure JavaScript, this works fine. Rhapsody is still having issues. Any help would be good.

Have you tried using single quote?