API Orchestrator - Error 500


I’m trying to use API Orchestrator.

My goal is to add a queue item by API Orchestrator. I’mg using HTTP activities from orchestrator:

  1. HTTP post - Authentication
  2. I get a 200 and a result code XXXXXX
  3. HTTP post - Adds a new queue item
    3.1. Adding parameters with the content of the queue item
    3.2. Adding a header with the result code of the step 2

The result is 500 - An error has ocurred.

Anyone may help us?


Check Your Headers and Parameters.

The /odata/Queues/UiPathODataSvc.AddQueueItem endpoint needs the headers below:

Access the documentation https://UrlOrch/swagger

Hello @Jorge_Cavalcante

If I check swagger documentation, this is the information that I need:

With that information, it works an API creates an item. Nevertheless, If I provides this information at HTTP activity Studio, it solves with 500 error:


I cannot access to the URL you provide.


Check your Headers:



You can check your input and make an appropriate call
Please find below the video link :
Orchestrator API - Authenticate

Also, you can implement the same with the “Orchestrator HTTP Request” activity
Orchestrator API using Orchestrator HTTP Request activity

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Hello Gustavo,
Here you have a video where I do all the steps from postman:

And here you have a playlist with more than 10 videos with HTTP request:

Cristian Negulescu