Orchestrator API documentation not updated

Dear All,

I am trying to call an API on my Cloud Orchestrator account and I noticed that the documentation of this particular API is not updated or it is missing some information.

I tried calling “LicensesRuntime_ToggleEnabledByKey” API and as per the swagger documentation KEY in the path and Body contains three things.
When I call this API from postman, I am getting an error 400 and this message : “{“message”:”; toggleMachineLicenseParameters must not be null",“errorCode”:0,“traceId”:“00-a5751eda2988d9468f8dd8b12859965e-5323e8e287c5712c-00”}"

What is this toggleMachineLicenseParameters ?? Please help.

we would assume the parameters set on the body for the request

The body only has these :

“key”: “string”,
“robotType”: “NonProduction”,
“enabled”: true

toggleMachineLicenseParameters is not there anywhere.

we assume that this wording may differs from the swagger.

We can do an analysis as by the following:

  • go to Orchestratror
  • open the Browser F12 Web tools
  • switch to Network and enable the recording
  • perform the steps manually
  • check afterwards int he protocoll the different API Calls and its Request details (e.g. Request Body)

It may worth to try to review the Swagger or OpenAPI specification: If the API documentation is incomplete or outdated, you can try accessing the Swagger or OpenAPI specification file for the API. These files provide a machine-readable description of the API, including all available endpoints, request parameters, and expected request and response structures. Look for the toggleMachineLicenseParameters parameter definition to understand its expected format

I checked the Swagger documentation but couldn’t find this particular parameter.

Thanks alot for your reply, I checked this method and there was no such parameter recorded in the request.

when doing this type of analysis the first time this can happen quickly. Just retry and check that the recording is really running / kepting the calls

with @ppr 's help, I was able to call the API from Postman and got a 200 response. But it didn’t change the license in the Orchestrator :confused:
Why is it so difficult to call a simple API !!!

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