Orchestrator API help


Please help me with below questions:
In the current API documentation, we need a robot ID to start a job, but there is no suggestion on how to retrieve it
I would also like to know the Deployment API option in the Orchestrator and its functionality

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A first exploartion we can do while playing with swagger or postman:
The Orchestrator API Swagger definition can be accessed as follows, depending on your deployment type:

  • on-premise - add the following suffix: /swagger/index.html to your Orchestrator URL. For example, https://myOrchestrator.com/swagger/index.html .
  • Automation Cloud - add the account and tenant name, as well as the /swagger/index.html suffix to the URL. For example, https://cloud.uipath.com/[AccountLogicalName]/[TenantName]/swagger/index.html .
    Find your Account Logical Name and Tenant Name in the API Access page of your Automation Cloud account.

taken from API References

on the examples we got some more help e.g.:

Also a play with the Orchestrator HTTP Activity allows us to explore some more things

If using Postman, can also look at https://postman.uipath.rocks/