Change Runtime License through API CAll

Hey guys,

I’m trying to update the Unattended Runtime License for a Orchestrator Machine and I’m having trouble with the API Call.

I have found the answer on the forum but I can’t seem to get the API Call to work.
Here is where I’ve found the answer: Orchestrator License change through APi - #4 by dmendgudli

Swagger Documentation

And this is a variation of what I’ve tried

I’ve tried adding the name as a parameter but with no success either.

After the laugh about how stupid I am, can you help me out ?
All the best!

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Hey @danielP

You need to pass integer key in the url endpoint at the end. I think you are passing machine name which is causing the issue.


Yep, you were right.
Thank you!

For anyone encountering this problem: you need to pass the “Id” from /odata/Machines and not the “Key”.

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Cool @danielP :slight_smile:

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