Orchestrator API: Cannot retreive queue item based on status

I am trying to fetch QueueItems based on their status.

Endpoint: “https://cloud.uipath.com/odata/QueueItems?$filter=QueueDefinitionId eq {queue_id} & Status eq ‘New’"

The API is fetching all the Queueitems irrespective of the status I provide. If I send ‘New’, it is fetching all the queueitems i.e. Successful, InProgress etc.

Any idea how i can make this work?


Please find below playlist in which you will find how to add queue item to uipath orchestrator.

And the reason you are getting error, you are not providing the correct url to while adding data to queue.

Check out my playlist to know what could be the url to call API to add data into queue.

I hope this will help you!! let me know your comments:)