GET QueueItems by queue name in Orchestrator API

Hello all, is there a way to configure a GET request, among the Orchestrator API ones, to retrieve queueitems by the name of the queue itself ? Example: I have in my orchestrator 3 different queues, queuename1, queuename2, queuename3 and they all have their queueitems. How should i configure a (method GET) request in order to retrieve only queuename3 items? Many thanks for suggestions!

This will allow you to get the queues from your orchestrator:

This will allow you to get all queue items based off of Queue Id from the above (33196 is the Queue ID)$filter=QueueDefinitionId eq 33196

This link is fairly useful for Orchestrator APIs :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!! marked as solution :slight_smile:


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