Orchestrator and CyberArk integration

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I have just installed My test Orchestrator and robot, and I now need to integrate CyberArk security to them so the robot´s credentials are stored safely within a CyberArk Vault. Can anyone assist me with this process or is there any official documentation I can follow?

I have already created the vault and installed the CyberArk API in the Orchestrator´s server, I also was able to retrieve a password from an account stored in the Vault via CLI but I now don´t know how to integrate this within the orchestrator´s code.

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Aaron, please find the detailed explanation in the link: Storing Robot Credentials in CyberArk

  1. Turn of the Orchestrator from IIS.
  2. Search for “CyberArk” or “Vault” in web.config of Orchestrator and paste your API in the concerned field. Follow these steps(if you have created a safe and application in CyberArk for Orchestrator):
  • Vault.Type - leave only CyberArk .
  • Vault.CyberArk.AppId - the application id, as it is in the CyberArk® Enterprise Password Vault®, such as DocOrchestrator .
  • Vault.CyberArk.Safe - the safe name, as it is in CyberArk® Enterprise Password Vault®, such as DocOrchestratorSafe .
  • Vault.CyberArk.Folder - the location in which your credentials are stored in CyberArk® Enterprise Password Vault®, such as ROOT .

Reset the CyberArk application and start the Orchestrator back up again.

Hello @Jagdish2593,
Thank you, this has been very useful, I only have one doubt that is where to find the location that I have stored my credentials, how would that look like?

@josamarro you’ll have to look for it inside your CyberArk vault.

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