Orchestrator / Cloud Implementation

Basic Question. But wanted to be ultra sure… Can a UiPath Orchestrator (that is hosted on one location) govern or control UiPath bots in an environment which is physically far away (in an other nation)?

Basically the UiPath orchestrator and the data center (where all applications and uibots bots will be deployed) are in different countries. Applications and UiPath Studio & Robot will be in the same environment. Can an Orchestrator in a different environment and location be used to govern the bots via cloud? What are the challenges one may face while implementing this? Any links that I can refer to?

Please elaborate if you can. Thanks.

Yes u can access the robot deployed in one country from Orchestrator which is deployed in another country. Once your robot is connected with the Orchestrator you can run it from any location. It hardly matters where your robot is deployed. For connecting robot you need to pass the Key in the robot generated by the Orchestrator. There is no need for Cloud Implementation.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Coming to the reason for my question…
We need to use VDI to control bots from a physically different location. Can UiPath help me achieve this?