Orchestration Process (Foreground and Background issue)

Hi Team,

How to run orchestrator process in unattended mode in service mode??

I don’t have clarity in which mode we need to run

Below are my observations
Service Mode
Unattended automation-If process is set to background --System is not logging off - But process failing-(even with studio login and logout) (mainly getting mail error)

Unattended automation-If Process is set to Foreground - System is logging off - process is running fine (even with studio logged in)

User Mode

Unattended automation- Process is running fine - If process is set to background --System is not logging off (even with studio logged in)


Unattended automation is run in unattended mode as the name suggest and yes the bot to be installed in service mode…no relation to studio here

Now coming to foreground and background…if you dont have any ui related activities then you can set a process as background

When you have any ui related activities then you have to set it to foreground process


Hi Anil

When i set to background , My process is not running even though i didnt use any ui activities


What are you doing in the process and how did you set to background and are you getting any specific error?


My process is about invoice processing and inserting the data in database and sending some mails

In project settings , I have disabled the set to background and published the process.Then it is running as foreground process and failing


when you set to foreground and run what is the error you are getting


My process is getting stopped at mail activities

Foreground iam not getting an error

Only in background iam getting error


Please show the error message



Can you please reply


Please try start process of outlook and then use outlook activities and check


ok will try and let you know

Hi Anil ,

This is not working

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Solution Found

We need to enable the Login to console (Robot optional settings) and set it to no(False) the system won’t disconnect


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