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If you have any ideas, issues or improvement suggestions relating to the Academy‌ Orchestration Process course, please feel free to add them in this thread.

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hi @calin.grigorescu,

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@Forum_Staff Kindly help me with below query, I am unable to download below files from Orchestration process course in Academy. I get failed-forbidden error, please find the below screenshot for your reference.

I have searched for cause this error where i found below suggestion, Please find the screenshot

based on solution provided above , I started the course post logging in with my account only but still unable to download the files. Reaching you for help.

Hi, I have similar issue with course training files download in Chrome. Try another browser, I was able to download files in Edge.

I tried to download in Edge & Mozilla , Got the same error. alas was finally able to download files only in IE browser.

Hey Community! There seemed to be a missing xaml ‘GetMails.xaml’ from the provided zipped file (folder: ‘QuotationsApproval_OrchestrationProcess’) of section ‘Scenario Overviews’. I am following the videos to build the process and encountered this issue. Can anyone kindly attach that xaml here please? Would appreciate it.

The concept “Orchestration Process” is good. But I didn’t like the way this course is designed. There’s too much text, long videos, too much documentation which takes lots of time to go through. Even it’s difficult to practice such a big example.

I feel that this can be improved by breaking down into 2 or 3 short courses or more short videos(in the same course) focusing on each activity pair. And also there should be more examples to help us understand the concept in a better way.

Hi, @faith

I was having the same issue, but I found it eventually. It’s at the bottom of the course under “Learning Resources,” not at the bottom of the video. You might have already figured that out, but for any who still need it, here it is. :slight_smile:
GetMails.xaml (8.1 KB)

We hope you’ll update your Academy Orchestration Process course with the new UiPath platform (2022.10 / 2023.10) using Action Center, Modern Folders, and updated Orchestration templates. The current content is very helpful, but I would like to learn about latest features, how to use new Orchestration activities, and how to customize the new Orchestration template.

Is there somebody out there, who is able to come up with an idea, for what reason (in particular this demo) why it is needed to upgrade specific variables in the sub project ‘Orchestration Process’ to be on the level of of the global scope? Other things are (in this in itself pretty interesting demo) the, to me rudimentary info’s on Processes and Roles (mandatory Ochestrator settings), proper advice on the development of these (local) sub projects be done connected to a separate desired Ochestrator-Tenant-Folder or just in the ‘My-Workspace-shared-one’, and some chicken-to-egg-or-the-other-way-around-problem. For example, somehow in the second video, the narrator starts talking about testing already (the sub project seems to be already published, but they are’nt finished yet) essential steps are missing (the goal was to show attenders the occurences of jobs in orchestrator, talking about publishing is only done in the last video).

Although, I really like this way of learning developing and understanding business grade solutions, not only in this module but also in the previous ones in this Solution Architect learning path, on several spots I do got the feeling things are too easily connected to each other (obsolete info to changes, errorneous downloads e.g, all pretty clear ‘too hasty, want too easily published or whatever reason’) it is giving one on particular moments hurdless, puzzles, sometimes pretty distractive ones, leading one off from the main pathway. In particular, the connected to this module, advanced knowledge of Orchestrator, is a clear example, this knowledge is required. I would say if one is not busy with Orchestrator bits 'n pieces (exploring its nifty little corners and nices on a almost let’s say weekly basis, one become pretty easy to a certain stage ‘faux pas’, asking oneself; what now? So, all those duration remarks on modules, what does it say? Please continue with the good work, my remarks are only meant from a positive point of view.