FREE Orchestrator 2016.2 Training Module on UiPath Academy

Hello UiPath Community,

Following the success of the UiPath RPA Developer Foundation Training released in April 2017 we are pleased to announce that a new training module is here - UiPath Orchestrator 2016.2. We know you have been waiting for this, so here it is.

The first Orchestrator training is dedicated to the 2016.2 Long Term Support version and aims to help you scale RPA in a smart and efficient manner.

About the course

The Orchestrator 2016.2 training is a free of charge module, available online for anyone who wants to master UiPath’s product technology at full capacity. All you need to do is sign up for UiPath Academy and enroll in the RPA Developer - UiPath Foundation Learning Plan.

What is UiPath Orchestrator?

UiPath Orchestrator is the web-based application responsible for the orchestration of Attended and Unattended Robots. It provides centralized Robot logs, remote execution, monitoring, scheduling, and work queues. A highly scalable server platform, UiPath Orchestrator is a game-changer and an industry standard, enabling fast deployment from one Robot to hundreds.

Course audience and structure

The course is dedicated to all RPA roles and audiences involved in a business environment that deploys UiPath. It covers theoretical concepts and practical knowledge ensured by rich documentation, a comprehensive video tutorial, hands-on exercises and smart quizzes. Everything is there to put you at the center of a harmonious RPA orchestration.

Course agenda

How to deploy and trigger a process?
How to publish a UiPath workflow
How to create an environment
How to provision a Robot
How to schedule jobs
How the job queue works, handling pending jobs, canceling and terminating jobs
How to monitor of all Robots registered to the Orchestrator
How levels of error messages are communicated
What are UiPath Orchestrator assets?
How to store credentials in the Orchestrator
What are Orchestrator queues?
How to use queues to work with lists of items that are handled by multiple Robots
How to add items to queues and how to get transaction items

What’s next?

Stay tuned for the Orchestrator Training v2017.1.

I want to know more…

Check the Training and FAQ sections on our website for more information about the Orchestrator module.

Happy automating,

UiPath Academy Team


Great course!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello Academy Team
Great course!!!
Only one question: in Practice 8 you wrote “First, download the Input.xlsx file,…”. Can you please add the hyperlink at the file name?

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Yeah i noticed the same thing, this would be really great.
Can you UiPath Academy Team please provide this file. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Mugur,

We added the file as a resource in practice 8, you can now download it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Andra T.
UiPath Academy Team


My company is in the process of purchasing/setting up our UiPath implementation. I have successfully completed the RPA Developer Foundation training and got my diploma. Seems like a really silly question but I was wondering if access to Orchestrator is necessary to get the most out of the Orchestrator training in academy? Should I just wait until we have Orchestrator set up on our end and then go through the training to learn how to use it? Or is the training such that you don’t really need access. Thanks!

In Academy, for UiPath Orchestrator there is Japanese language, how to change it to English?

It’s been raised couple of times now no response yet.:thinking:
@qateam @Roxana_Stratila


It has been answered various times on other similar topics. The English version of the Orchestrator module is available inside the Foundation Learning Plan that should be displayed in the right side of the welcoming page.

Let me know if this doesn’t show on your portal.



Hi, now the link for Practice 8 goes directly to the download of the Excel file. However, the text with what we need to do with the Excel file is not longer present. Can you share the instructions? Thanks :slight_smile: