Oracle SQL server automation

Hello All,

How to push data from Oracle SQL server data to excel? DO we need to install any package? Please help me with this …


First you need to connect to database use database activites and then use queries to get the data and then write it to excel


Can anyone share me the step-by-step process for this? It would be more helpful.

Hi @ramshiva_reddy

  1. Use “Connect” activity to connect to the Oracle database (you can configure the connection in the activity properties).
  2. Use “Execute Query” activity to execute your SQL query (store the result in a DataTable variable, let’s call it “dtResult”).
  3. Use “Excel Application Scope” to create/open the Excel file (you can specify the file path in the activity properties).
  4. Use “Write Range” activity to write the data to the Excel file (provide the “dtResult” DataTable as input and specify the range to write the data).

Hope it helps!!


What configuration required? Like hostname, service name, user name and password.
what should I need to enter expression editor.

I’m unable to move forward after this. Please go through attached image and guide me through

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