Oracle Smart View, excel add-in disable once robot run on MS Excel smart view file


i have Oracle Smart view (V add-in installed on MS Excel 2016.
when i try to paste data in Smar view file through write range activity, Robot disable Smart view ribbon at MS Excel Menu bar…
can anyone have this issue or suggest any solution


I’m facing the same problem, Have you have any kind of progress?

When UiPath use the Excel application scope, for some reason Uipath disable the Add In tab.

UiPath 2018.3.0
If anyone has any suggestions, it’s welcome

We perform this workaround to open the excel and we are able to click over the add inn, but we are not able the read and select the tables, I hope this could help.

It would be great if we could have this complete functionality to do all the actions of the Excel Application Scope

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I’m having 10excel files which contain smart view in it.
while looping into excel application scope, it opens one by one most of the time i’m not finding smart view tab in it.
when I click to excel add-ins and unchecking “oracle smart view for office option” excel is restarting,
after checking SV its not enabled

kindly help me with this

I would recommend to explore the use of the activity ‘Invoke VBA’ and and the VBA coding provided by Oracle in the file found under C:\oracle\SmartView\bin\smartview.bas. You can find help in the Developers Guide: Developer's Guide

‘Invoke VBA’ and ‘Excecute Macro’ activities are very sensitive to Security settings in the Excel document. Even though you have done everything correct in ‘Trust Center’, you can get error Messages that Macros are disabled. You have to find the best way to create new doccuments that work in your environment. Inheriting Excel documents created on other PC’s/VDI’s or i.e. retrieved from SharePoint, would often result in error messages telling you that macros are disabled.

My experience so far with ‘Invoke VBA’ instead of clicking on ‘SmartView’ icons is that it is more reliable and robust, but still have challenges and you dont always get any error Message when things dont work.

Frode Veiseth