Activities for Excel Smartview

I am facing following issues while working with SmartView in Excel

1- Oracle smartview Adin gets disabled,
2- Requires Edit link for Hstbar.xla every time the excel is relaunched
3- Requires Reconnecting Hyperion Connection every time the excel is relaunched

do we have any custom activity for SmartView in Uipath? any Suggestions

Hello @faiqaqureshi90, Smartview addin for excel issues are quite common from quite long and there are no custom activities as far as I know. Although there are couple work arounds that I was able to figure out.

  1. Use Kill Process at the beginning of the workflow to kill any pending applications.

  2. Open excel file using Start Process or Open Application

  3. Enter SV credentials using type into activity in Connect to Data Source dialog box

  4. Use Excel application scope right after that for the same excel file and you will be able to procced further with your process