Сopy values of table cells in MS word

Hello my dear frends, help me please!
I use package word activities and word 2010

My task: from the Word document, in which there is a table of two columns, set a variable for the value of each row of the second column. (a document is attached for the example)
My solution: putting the cursor in the first cell of the table, pressing the TAB key, which selects the value of the second column, copying the selected cell value, assigning the variable.
Ways to implement the solution:

  1. “hotkey ctrl+c” the result is some link or result of previous copying and not the value of the cell
  2. “ctrl+c type into” produces an error, incorrect syntax ("[d (ctrl)] c [u (ctrl)]")
  3. “copy selected text” gives an error
  4. recorder press copy in MS word produces a clipboard error
  5. Screen scraping is not convenient for further processing of values ​​due to the possible multi-line
    Before writing the topic, I looked through all possible solutions
    Main table MS Word.xaml (38.3 KB)
    example doc.zip (26.4 KB)

@Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae more examples of people struggling with Word